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We have been involved in classic cars since 1979, firstly as enthusiasts only, then as collectors and finally since as classic car dealers since 2008.
As purists, we believe in originality and careful regular maintenance while keeping a collector’s car as it was first intended to, a means of transport, and not just as a collector’s item to contemplate.  Uncovering and studying each car’s history is always both an exciting and enriching experience.
We hope we can assist you in finding the car of your dreams, one that has been carefully selected, that will give you years of enjoyment, whether through classic car meets or through simple enjoyment with your other half, one that will preserve your investment should you for any reason need to part with it eventually.
Integrity, honesty, straightforwardness are essential values for us.
If you have or know of an interesting classic that might be available for sale, please speak to us for a quick chat.  We pay top prices for the right cars and give an unbiased opinion to reflect a true market valuation.